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DTI Services
Whether you are a small business that is just beginning, or a medium business that is established, DTI can support a broad range of your technology needs. A few of our services include:

Site Analysis
Is network communication slow? Interested in going wireless? Discover the perfect solution for your business, and learn what is possible. Request a site evaluation with one of our experienced professionals today.

Network Design Services
Building a stable and functional network is essential to your operation. Whether you need new PC’s and equipment, or you have several desktops and laptops to work with, DTI can provide total network solutions for you. We design, build, implement and maintain your network, & optimize your technology resources. Call DTI for a Network design consultation today.

System & Software Configuration
Are you having an issue with drivers, or would like to have your computers find updates themselves? There are dozens of computer related tasks that require proper configuration to function effectively. DTI offers professional computer and software configuration assistance.

Remote Diagnostics & Support
DTI specializes in remote assistance for common and not so common desktop problems. We strive to understand the problem from your perspective and will work with you to resolve the matter, so you can get on with your day. Contact us for more information about this service.

Internet Website & Email Support
Email and the internet are resources everyone uses for daily business operations. If you have trouble with your email, website, or internet connection and need assistance, call DTI and get back online again now.

Back-up Systems
Having an effective backup system is critical for any business. Don’t take chances. DTI can design and implement a back-up system that ensures your data is stored and safe.

Hard Disk Data Recovery
DTI can assist you in recovering data from normal, and in some cases damaged hard drives. To find out more about this service, please contact DTI Business Systems.

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